Founded in 1997, itis the first law firm dedicated exclusively to aviation law. From its creation, already representing relevant aviation companies which promoted development of air transport in Spain, it has increased and strengthen substantially the different fields in the aviation industryin Spain and also within the Community framework.

Pursuant to the many and  varied transactions in which AEROIURIS has been involved,we encourage our clients to adapt to international contracting and financing trends which are in constant evolution and, thus, we make our clients reach a standard of excellence that sets them apart from the rest of the industry outside Spain.


Insurance companies

Government agencies

Financial entities

Cape Town Convention

AEROIURIS is a member and an active participant of the contact group in Spain of the Aviation Working Group, an organization created to assist the Unification of Private Law

(UNIDROIT) in the development of Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment that currently deals with a wide range of matters which have an impact on international financing and leasing of aircraft, bringing its experience and working in the interests of the industry in order to implement opportune advances in Spain so that the jurisdiction of Spainis internationally acknowledged with the legal certainty called for to promote the financing and purchase of aircraft within the national industry.


AEROIURIS is a member of the European Air Law Association and actively participatesin the seminars and conferences it organizes in Europe.


Members of the Spanish Aeronautical Association.

23 Years


+2500 Aircrafts