Founding partner

Inmaculada Martínez Caballero

She founded AEROIURIS in April 1997. The professional activity of AEROIURIS started with the base of her own clients, from where the business of AEROIURIS has grown both in number of clients and the profile and diversity of cases in the aviation field. Since the foundation of AEROIURIS, Inmaculada combines her professional activity directing the aircraft contracts department and Regulatory Legislation with the firm’s organizational management. Before creating AEROIURIS, Inmaculada provided legal services to a number of airlines, and it was the progression of her career in this field that gave rise to her personal motivation to undertake the foundation of AEROIURIS as an innovative law firm in Spain, dedicated exclusively to aviation law.

Her vocation for commercial, international and civil law after obtaining her degree in Law (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), her experience working in London at a renowned local notary’s office and then in Madrid in the branch of commercial and business law were decisive in starting and focusing her professional experience in this field.


Susana Jarabo Blasco

A graduate in Law from the Universidad Pontifica Comillas (ICADE), her activity has always been connected to the insurance sector, working as both in-house legal adviser and external consultant.

In 2006 she joined the AEROIURIS team as a lawyer, developing the progression of the Liability department as the head of the department. From her position managing the Liability department, she works with aviation insurance and reinsurance companies and aviation insurance brokers. She has taken on the judicial defence of important judicial matters and out-of-court settlements directed by Aeroiuris, achieving undeniable success.

Since 2011 she is a partner in Aeroiuris, and is the head of the firm’s Aviation Liability department.


Juan Ignacio Fernandez Aparicio

Juan Ignacio joined Aeroiuris contracts department in 2014 and his most recent experience includes the advice and representation of airlines, banks and aviation business companies in a wide range of cross-border transactions of aircraft purchase and financing, as well as with regard to the regulation of the air sector in Spain. A graduate in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, he holds an LL.M. in Transport Law from the Universidad Jaume I and is a member of the Madrid Bar Association.


Ana Bárbara Estévez Salceda

Ana is a graduate in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and holds an LL.M. in Private Law by the Madrid Bar Association. She is a lawyer member of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM), practicing since 2010. She joined Aeroiuris in 2015, and has specialised in aviation law (aviation accidents and incidents, cargo, passage, European regulations, airports, ground handling, personal injuries), civil liability, insurance law, administrative law, mediation, transport terms and conditions, etc.